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In private therapy sessions, you will work with your psychologist to identify the factors contributing to your current challenges and determine which treatment approach best suits you. Ashleigh's aim is to equip every individual with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles in order to maintain a positive outlook on life. 

Common challenges may include feelings of low mood, chronic pain, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Anger Management, work-related stress, bullying, relationship difficulties, and interpersonal difficulties.

Private Counselling Prahran


Ashleigh strives to maintain a holistic approach when working with individuals. This includes looking at the connection between the mind and body. With medical scientists discovering more and more evidence that your gut health is largely linked to your mental health, Ashleigh applies this knowledge to aide in identifying what factors in your everyday diet may be contributing negatively on your mental health. Ashleigh will explore your relationship with food and how this may contribute to weight management difficulties, fatigue, anxiety, and low mood.

Nutritional Psychology Prahran


Ashleigh also has experience in writing reports for Victims of Crime, and all other legal matters. If you are in need of a psychological report please inquire today. 

Psychological reports
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